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How to write on a smartboard

SMART Board User’s Guide Alternatively, you can permanently fix the problem by allowing active content to run on your computer. SMART Board User’s Guide
Ii Important Information Cleaning the Writing Surface Before you clean the SMART Board, you should first log off. If you touch the screen when the

PowerPoint on the SMARTBoard - Smart Technologies Join SMART Certified Trainer Steve Blatt as he shows how to use a SMART Board in conjunction with SMART Notebook software to desn and organize dynamic presentations. PowerPoint on the <i>SMARTBoard</i> - Smart Technologies
Pick up a pen from the pen tray and write send source material. You have finished the Using Microsoft PowerPoint Software on a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard, through its touch-sensitive surface, gives you access to all the functions of your computer while presenting to your audience—making it great for teachers and other professionals who need to share different types of material.
The Jsaw template is desned to allow students to make connections between various factors in an engaging manner. The "pieces" of the jsaw can have text written.

How to Use a Smartboard 5 Steps with Pictures - How Learn to Count, Add, Subtract, Multiply and read and write numbers in 9 foren languages. <em>How</em> to Use a <em>Smartboard</em> 5 Steps with Pictures - <em>How</em>
How to Use a Smartboard. Smart board technology is similar to combining touch screen technology and. Write on the smart board using the smart board pens.

How to write on a smartboard:

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