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How to write bold font in latex

Fonts - How can I get bold math symbols? - @TMM: I noticed that issue a few weeks ago and assumed at the time that it was temporary; I guess it wasn't. <i>Fonts</i> - <i>How</i> can I get <i>bold</i> math symbols? -
While \bm and \boldmath are some good options in LaTeX, modern packages for XeLaTex can give a lot more control over the fonts from the very beginning, without the.

Quizzes Quizzes for Teens & Girls I have XITS Math font correctly installed on my system (linux), and I compiled this MWE with both Update to my previous comment: I managed to make it work doing the following. Quizzes Quizzes for Teens & Girls
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Math mode - Bold italic vectors - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange Math ML 1 was released as a W3C recommendation in April 1998 as the first XML language to be recommended by the W3C. Math mode - <u>Bold</u> italic vectors - TeX - <u>LaTeX</u> Stack Exchange
It depends on the math font, but the bm package can handle most of them. How to make bold and italic symbol inside an equation?

Writing mathematical expressions — Note that you do not need to have Te X installed, since matplotlib ships its own Te X expression parser, layout engine and fonts. Writing mathematical expressions —
Writing mathematical expressions¶ You can use a subset TeX markup in any matplotlib text string by placing it inside a pair of dollar sns $. Note that you do not.

Fonts - Small Caps and Bold Face - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange The layout engine is a fairly direct adaptation of the layout algorithms in Donald Knuth’s Te X, so the quality is quite good (matplotlib also provides a ), and surround the math text with dollar sns ($), as in Te X. <u>Fonts</u> - Small Caps and <u>Bold</u> Face - TeX - <u>LaTeX</u> Stack Exchange
However, not all fonts contain italic and/or bold small caps when they. do not take arguments; more appropriate syntax for the example would.

How to write bold font in latex:

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