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Orami64 - Paper Mario Paper Mario, oder auch Mario Story (マリオストーリー Mario Sutōrī) in Japan, ist ein Videospiel für den Nintendo 64, welches 2000 erschienen ist. Juli 2007 in Europa, ursprünglich wurde es allerdings für den Nintendo 64DD entwickelt. PM. Paper Mario TTYD Hacking and gecko codes guide. REQUEST Two Player Paper Mario N64 · Go to first unread post.

Paper Mario - Review - RPGamer When Mario goes to have some alone time with Peach, the ground suddenly shakes and the castle suddenly rises into space with all of the guests still inside. With the Nintendo 64 nearing the end of its time, Nintendo once again makes an RPG. Paper Mario has the story that Mario games are required to have.

Paper Mario 64 Video Game - TV Tropes By fans for the sake of differentiation), released for the Nintendo 64 in 2001. The first game in the Paper Mario series, titled Paper Mario but ed Paper Mario 64 by fans for the sake of differentiation, released for the Nintendo 64 in.

Paper Mario Game Download GameFabrique It was basiy the swansong of the SNES, and though sales for it were fairly poor (Since people had moved on to new consoles and all), the games managed to build up quite a fanbase, and is, nowadays, one of the most popular Mario games ever made, despite not being released in half the world (Europe/Australia). Shown as Paper Mario at the show, this game has already been retitled Mario. The orinal Mario 64 is still one of the best games on the N64 - who knows.

Paper Mario - GameSpot Shown as Paper Mario at the show, this game has already been retitled Mario Story for its Japan release. GS News Update New Paper Mario Game Coming to Wii U, Report Says. Unannounced. Nintendo 64 role-playing classic stacked onto Wii's.

Paper Mario - Leaderboard - The game starts when Mario and Lui get an invitation from Princess Peach to attend a party at her castle. Rank, Player, Time, Platform, Date. 1st, imglower, 1h 44m 18s, 1h 44m 18s, N64, 11 months ago. 2nd, N1, 1h 45m 05s, 1h 45m 05s, N64, 1 year ago.

Paper mario 64:

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